Hair Growth Conditioner

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Hair Loss Treatment & Dry Damaged Hair With Camphor, Dimethicone & Cyclomethicone, Hydrolyzed Protein – Natural Hair Therapy Stimulates Hair Long – Prevention for Men & Women

It’s time to regrow a luscious head of hair with a premium hair growth conditioner from DAELONG. Losing your hair takes a toll on both your personal and professional confidence. In fact, every time you lose another strand it’s like losing a piece of who you are as a person. That’s why you need to protect your hair and take back your life with a premium hair growth conditioner from DAELONG. DAELONG conditioner made for people who want longer, thicker, more manageable hair, our formula helps prevent hair loss while re-growing your hair in the process. Our unique formula does this in as little as two weeks by helping you eliminate oiliness, reducing dandruff, and reducing split ends and dry scalp. If you’re ready to stem the loss of hair while stimulating the growth of new hair, then choose the DAELONG Hair Growth Conditioner today and take back your confidence. Instructions: Wet hair completely before applying. Once soaked, gently massage into the scalp for maximum effect. Wash out completely after a few minutes. Intense Formula with Natural Nutrients and Minerals Free of Dyes, Chemicals and Perfumes Efficiently just after 1-2 weeks of usage Perfect for Men and Women Helps Prevent Hair Loss now to help stimulate hair growth and create longer, thicker, more volumized hair.

I love this conditioner it makes my hair silky soft and manageable. I have super thick coarse hair and with shampoo and conditioner together I can brush my hair with a lot less knots and the conditioner works so your hair is not frizzy. I love the smell of it and a little will go a long ways. And it did not make my hair grow but it is an awesome product.



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