TPU Scratch Resistant Anti-Bacterial Cutting Board

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A Better Cutting Boards To Complete Your Kitchen.

Stylish Design Scratch-Resistant Made from TPU materials, which are 3 times denser than other materials. It keeps the gabo cutting board from scratch.

Anti-Bacterial, Odor-Resistant gabo cutting boards are scratch-resistant, non-porous, and non-absorbent. It will not allow food particles to stick to it, preventing bacteria growth or unpleasant odor.

And food grade natural components in the cutting boards will help to reduce bacteria and microbial.

Certified Safety BPA free, Non-toxic, FDA approved, SGS compliant, you can see the proof pictures here! Handle Useful handles on the sides of the cutting board make it easy to carry.

Knife-Friendly TPU material will not damage or dull the blade. Flexible Easy to pour all your chopped items right into a pot or bowl, without making a mess. Juice Groove, Stable, Non-Slip surface, Dishwasher safe 100%

I love this cutting board I use it for chicken, beef, onions, vegetables. I love how it don’t hold the smells from the onions like the wood cutting boards do. It is so knife friendly that you will not need to sharpen your knifes for a while. It has a handy dandy handle on it to carry your food right to the stove and no mess. This a must have in the kitchen.





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