Orange Peeler

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Makes peeling citrus fruits fast, easy and less messy
Perfect for men without fingernails, or women who don’t want to damage theirs
Small and lightweight for convienient storage
Great gift idea – perfect for any kitchen


I do like this little tool to peel oranges, grapefruit  and so on. I wish I had a cool tool like years ago. This is easy to use and you will not damage or break your nails or struggle just to peel an orange. Even kids can use this it is so easy to use. If you ever thought of getting one of these and thinking it was a waste of money you’re wrong this is so worth getting and using. The first use you will be thanking me for telling  you to get one. I will help you peel faster and you wont end up with a huge mess and you wont squirt juice in your eye slicing it. Because the other end will help you slice nice and even slices and you won’t need a knife. So hurry and order this and have one at home for the whole family.



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