iTECHOR Portable Magnetic LED Light

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Flat flash with 3-Level Brightness modes: low, medium, strong; flashlight with 5-Level Brightness modes: low, medium, strong, strobe and SOS. satisfy your different lighting needs.
Built-in rechargeable Li-ion 2500mA battery, up to 180 hours light for low level. Sturdy and durable enough for daily using. you can charge it anywhere with your power bank or computer.
Built-in strong magnetic back can be attached to any iron, can be even used as working lighting when working under a car or truck; Or camping light, the light is downy not dazzling.
Come with a micro USB cable, a LED portable lamp, a operation manual and 2 Lanyards. Portable and lightweight LED lamp, easy to carry around.

This light has 3 settings on it. low, medium, and super bright.


There is a super strong magnet as you can see here on the back of the light. So it will stick to the fridge really good or wherever you may need it.

There is also a light on the end for like a flashlight it has many different settings. Low, medium, super bright, flashing and S.O.S FLASHING for help.


Each end comes with a string holder and as you can see here I put on in to show you. this is super nice.


It has the same plug in as your cell phone does so that’s nice and you can pug it in the car or in your cell phone plug in. And this is the off and on button. Fast clicks turn on the big long light, and slow clicks turn on the flash light.


This is the handy dandy little carrying case it comes in and that is cool.

This light/ flashlight can be used anywhere and the carrying strings you can hang  it anywhere. I love this light it is a fun cool tool to use and take anywhere or use in the the kitchen or garage or kids rooms. To me this is a huge must have for the family for extra light or when the power goes out. It will hold a charge up to 180 hours.



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