Hair Straightener Brush by Sara Mor

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Tired of your curly, frizzy, flyaway hair? Stop Bad Hair Days with the SARA MOR STRAIGHTENER BRUSH! The best 3-in-1 hair brush that will comb, straighten, & detangle your hair. WHY BUY THE SARA MOR STRAIGHTENING BRUSH? PROFESSIONAL SALON BRUSH – Combs, straightens, & detangles hair quickly HEATS UP FAST – Ceramic plate heats up to 450F or 230C in 90 seconds INSULATION TIPS – Will not burn, scorch, or damage hair AUTO-SHUT OFF – Locks temperature & shuts off after 1 hour RELEASES IONS & ANIONS – Produces ultimate hair shine ROTATING CORD – 360-degree electrical cord so no tangling INTERNATIONAL USE -110v & 220v capability (no adaptor included) DIMENSIONS – 12.8 x 4.7 x 2.6 inches FREE BONUSES INCLUDED – Waterproof Travel Bag, Cleaning Brush, & 2 Hair Clips SIMPLE TO USE: Plug it in & lock in the desired temperature. Brush your hair like a regular hair brush. Get quick, amazing, & stunning results! * Works for all hair types: frizzy, curly, straight, long, short, thin, thick, & more The SARA MOR STRAIGHTENING BRUSH will straighten your hair in minutes. SARA MOR HAIR STRAIGHTENING BRUSH. It’s the perfect gift for any woman in your life who likes flat, non frizzy, straight, silky hair.


This will tell you how hot you have and if it is on or locked in at temp you want it at.


You get a carrying bag  2 alligator clips and a small cleaning brush, this comes with it how cool is that.

I love this hair straightener it is so easy to use and  in no time you have straight hair . It will work with thick, coarse or thin hair. This is a must have and I do recommend Sara Mor for a hair straightener brush.You can get this on amazon .


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