Premium Gel Hot and Cold Pack (For Warm or Ice Cold Pain Relief)

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Large Compression Comfort Strap by Orange Physio

This is nice and the pack will stay nice and firm in there it velcros shut so the pack can’t fall out. It will valero to it’s self to stay in place on your arm or wherever you want to put the  ice / hot pack at



This is the pack that you can freeze or heat the instructions are on the back of the pack so you can screw it up haha.

What do I use it for? (An overview) It’s an Ice Pack and a strap for acute injuries like sprains pulls and trapped nerves as well as long term pain relief. It works by either hot therapy (heating up the gel pack in the microwave) or cold therapy (cooling it in the freezer) then placing on the painful area with some light compression using the strap provided. The compression is possible because the strapping has a strong velcro attachment. You can wear it on the training field or back in the office when recovering. Will it fit me? It’s 14 cm wide by 23 cm long in the pouch that holds the gel pack, and 65 cm long for the strap, making a total of 90 cm or 35 inches. This makes it a comfortable fit around all individual limbs and joints, such as Knee, Ankle, Shoulder, Hips, Wrist and Neck. It can be used to go around the back too. How long does it take to heat up or to cool down? If you place the gel pack in the freezer, it takes around two hours to get to the optimum freezing point. It then lasts for around one hour when applied. For heat treatment you can either place it in a pan of hot water or put it in the microwave to heat it up. The instructions are printed on the back of the strap – of course be careful not to place it in the microwave for too long or it will be too hot to touch! The R.I.C.E Approach (From qualified Physio’s) All qualified Physio’s and Medical professionals agree to the R.I.C.E principles when treating injuries. That is Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Using the Orange Physio Comfort Strap is the easiest and fastest way to achieve all four points. It’s fast, cheap and effective pain relief. What more can you want? Money Back Guarantee (Because it’s top quality!) It’s a really high quality strap and gel pack – so we know that it will last a lifetime. So we give you a 10 year guarantee on each product you purchase from Orange Physio.

I love this thing and use it all the time for my tennis elbow and it works great, easy to use cold or hot. microwave it slowly to get the right temp. Use the instruction on the back of the pack.


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