Night Light

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Romantic cosmos star moon sky projector for Baby Kids Toddler Nursery Bedroom and Christmas Relaxing lamp led night light planetarium on the ceiling room Manufactured by libi4u

Let your child’s imagination soar to new heights with this 3D LED moon and star projector. It’s quiet operation makes it the perfect nightlight for any child’s bedroom, while also filling the room with a sense of wonder
Use this as a table top lamp by putting on the hood, or take the hood off to project hundreds of stars on your walls Projector uses 4 bright LED beads to completely change the atmosphere of any room Set the mood with the different light colors including; warm white, red, green and blue. Also choose between different combinations of the light colors, or even make them dance across your walls with the 360° rotation


Easy to use with only three buttons:
A: controls the warm white light
B: controls the colored lights
C: controls 360° rotation mode

Requires (4) AAA batteries (not included) or can be used without batteries by being plugged in to any USB port or wall connector Includes Clear and easy to read instructions in English Also includes a security screw the battery cover


One LED night light with sensor
Offset prongs make them perfect for any outlet
Energy saving, only turn on when it’s dark
Use in hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms and more!

Set includes:
1x LED star projector
1x USB cable
1x Instruction manual
1x Bonus sensor light
1x wall connector
Material: plastic

Perfect for all ages
Use it as a decoration for special occasions; parties, weddings, karaoke, Christmas etc…
Full room projection due to the dome shape
Energy saving LED lights
Uses 4 AAA batteries, or USB plug in
Bonus one , energy saving, LED night light

My  3 year old loves this night light and it is nice with the light sensor is great. The night light will come on when it is dark out and go off when the sun comes up. Which is super nice. This is a must have this will keep your kids in bed for a long time.



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