Easy@Home Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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“Monitor your Blood Pressure with Easy At Home”. Easy@Home EPM-095 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor measures blood pressure along with pulse rate with the automatic easy-to-use one-button measuring technique. FDA Approved for OTC Use. ** Our Guarantee- We are so confident that you will love this product that we offer a 2 years Hassle Free PRODUCT REPLACEMENT Guarantee.

* Advanced Hypertension Indicator color codes the Systolic and Diastolic readings in green (normal), orange (prehypertension) and red (hypertension). Irregular Heartbeat (arrhythmia) Indicator alert the user the abnormality. Design for 2 User Use. Memory recalls up to 120 measurements, 60 records per user.

Intelligently averages past 3 measurements. Size adjustable upper arm cuff can can vary: (PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SELECT APPROPRIATE SIZE) fit upper arm circumference of 23-32 cm (8.67 – 12.5 inches) standard with comfort. fit upper arm circumference of 22-42 cm (8.75 – 16.5 inches) Large size with comfort. Portable and compact design make it easy to carry. The Carry Case and 4XAA Batteries are included. Has a unique desktop design for practical home, office or clinical use that makes it convenient to utilize and store. Sturdy and durable design.   Caution: This device is for Adult use only It is not intended for use on the extremities other than the arm.

**Must be able to fit arm circumference between 8 3/4″ to 12 1/2″ (22cm – 32cm) for the standard OR 22-42 cm (8.75 – 16.5 inches) Large size (This is a variable listing) Do not confuse for self-monitoring with self-diagnosis This unit is not suitable for continuous monitoring during medical emergencies or operation This device may provide contradictory results for any female subject who may be suspected or is pregnant. Besides providing inaccurate readings, the effects of this device on the fetus is unknown.

I like this with the different colors so I know exactly what my blood pressure is, High blood pressure runs in my family. So I check 2x a day and keep a log of it for the doctor. It is easy to put together and easy to read. It also comes with batteries.


If you trouble remembering what is good, fair and bad for blood pressure  then this is for you. You can get this at a good price on amazon and a 2 year warranty you can’t go wrong. This is a must have if you have a trouble with your blood pressure.


AMAZON : http://www.amazon.com/Easy-Home-Hypertension-Meter-FDA-Indicator/dp/B0161WKT6A?ie=UTF8&keywords=blood%20pressure%20monitor&qid=1465412251&ref_=sr_1_19_s_it&s=hpc&sr=1-19

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