Marigold 9″ Thermal Laminator

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— 9 inches entry width, fast 12 inches per minute speed
–Quick 5 minutes warm up time,2 Rollers inside with anti-jamming design
— Professional 3 separate temperature settings: cold , 3Mil , 5 mil .
— Professional NTC temperature controlling technology

Marigold 9 inch Thermal Laminator LM905

Marigold Thermal Laminator offers you a high-quality laminating experience in your home, office, classroom and more. The easy-to-operate design and durable heating system makes each lamination perfect, fast and easy.

Marigold Thermal Laminator can be used for craft projects, photographs, documents, notices, ID cards, recipes, reusable menus, DIY luggage tags and much more.No matter Businesses or families can always explore an amazing use for Marigold laminator which is built with excellent quality and durable construction.

What I love is how small this is and it will fit just about anywhere. It is small enough that it can be put away and not left out in the way like the big bulky one that cost hundreds of dollars . I also love how easy it is to use and you can get the lamination paper at walmart. I had to laminate everything I got my hands on, This is a fun little thing to play with and easy to use. I keep this in my office for important documents I want to save. That means I don’t have to run town and find a place laminate my stuff. This is a super cool laminator  and the whole family can use it. This is a very high quality for the price.

This is a must have in the home and will save you a lot of time and money doing it yourself. This is under  $ 40 $.


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