Velocity Toys Speed Wagon 6X6 Remote Control RC High Performance Truck

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– Manufactured by Velocity Toys! Battery Operated! (Rechargeable) Full Function Pro Steering! (Go Forward and Backward, Turn Left and Right) Adjustable Front Wheel Alignment
– High Performance RC Truck, BIG 1:10 Scale Size! Perfect for Outdoor Use and Racing! Pistol Grip Remote Control, Interchangeable, Lightweight Lexan Body Shell
– PRO 2.4GHz Radio Control System for Uninterrupted, Interference-Free Driving!,Race Multiple Cars at the Same Time! Durable Monocoque Type Frame Construction, Body Color Striped Wheels with Premium, Semi-Pneumatic, Off Road Spiked Tires
– Requires 6v 500mAh Battery to run (Included) Remote Control requires 9v Battery to run (Included) Recommended for Ages 5+ and Up!
– Approx. Truck Dimensions, Length: 13.5″ Width: 9.5″ Height: 7″


This take  rechargeable battery and it will come with it. So you charge it when it gets low. It don’t take long to charge I would charge it for a few hours.

This is the battery pack and the charger it is easy to connect. All you have to do is connect and plug in and charge the charger has a red light to let you know it is charging ( IT DOES NOT LET YOU KNOW WHEN IT IS CHARGED )


This remote takes a (9 volt battery) and it does come with a battery . It also comes with a small screw driver.

This is a fun toy to play with my 3 year old loves it and my husband  plays with it all the time. The battery will last any where from 30 min – to and 1 hour depending on how long you use it. This is also made to go outside and play in the dirt and rocks. The tires are made with some good tread on them. But we have not takin’ it outside yet. But well real soon. It does have some pick up and go. It don’t turn real well but and the shell is basically made out of super light plastic with a drawing on it. So it will break easily if smashed hard. I would say this would be a good gift for christmas, birthday and etc. This will run about $ 45 $ . That is a little high for the quality of the product. But it is fun and worth getting .



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