Modern White Horse Figurine Collectible Home Decor Sculpture

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Obey Your Taste, Feel the Artistic Charm

• This is a group of young people carries the dream flagship brand.

• “Emphasizing details, Pursuing perfect” is our business objective. • We pursue excellent product process and 100% customer experience!

• Your support and feedback are the driving force for us to move forward. Tired of the style and decoration of the room ? Looking for new decor and fun ? Decorate your room with our beautiful selection of white horse collectible statues and feel the elegance and grace of the white horse at your home! A good horse should be seldom spurred. Stylish decorative accent for any room decor, place the white horse any way you please to set up your own unique display.

Specification: Weight: 1kg / 2.2lb Dimensions: 26x26x9cm / 10.2×10.2×3.5 inches Material: High Quality Cold Cast Resin

Color: White Note from the manufacturer: Because our products are individually hand-crafted works of art,  supplies of our handicrafts are EXTREMELY limited and we do our best to keep up with the demand.  Please order quickly if this product is in stock so you can feel the Artistic Charm.

This on the light side and it is very fragile. It is bigger than I thought but I love it and  I plan on buying more from the company.  If you have a horse lover in your life then this is the perfect gift for them.  This is even a good price to.



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