Sterline Countertop Water Flosser with 6 Nozzles, 10 Pressure Settings

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Intended Use This water flosser is the perfect flosser for the whole family! It comes equipped with 10 water pressure settings, so whether you have sensitive teeth or are an avid flosser, you can pick the water pressure setting that best suits your needs! Also included, are different tips for various dental needs


The tongue scraper is perfect for removing bacteria and debris off the surface of your tongue; the pocket tip is for anyone who has periodontal pockets; the orthodontic tip works wonders for those who have braces; and the standard nozzle is great for everyday removal of plaque, buildup and debris between teeth!


New Sterline Water Flosser When first using: Once you take the unit out of the box, you will want to plug it in. Fill the water tank with only water, as the flosser will not work with anything else. Once it is plugged in with the water in the tank, you will want to select the tip that best suits your dental needs and insert it into the center of the handle. Finally, you are ready to turn on your flosser and start flossing! Simply press down on the main button to turn it on and then turn the dial to the water pressure setting of your choice. In two minutes’ time you will have a cleaner and healthier mouth! After Flossing: Once you are done, simply turn the flosser off by turning the nozzle. Remove the nozzle from the handle and place the handle back in its holder. You can store up to four nozzles in the nozzle case on top of the flosser, so place your nozzle in and go! Specifications Dimensions: 8″x 4″x 5.5″ Power: AC Modes: 10 Water Pressure Settings Package Contents Water Flosser 3 Standard Nozzles 1 Tongue Scraper 1 Orthodontic Tip 1 Pocket Tip Adaptor Cord.



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