Do Sense Pro Monthly Calendar Chalkboard Planner

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BE EFFECTIVE and ORGANIZE with a Decorative Monthly Chalkboard Wall Calendar Sticker. Easily Take Care of Your Schedule, Chore Chart and To Do List.

EASY TO USE with Do Sens Pro Chalk Markers. Add Your Own Touch to the Kitchen, Child room, Classroom, Office, Restaurant and Dorm Rooms’ Decorations.

EASY TO WRITE AND EASY TO WIPE, It’s Reusable and Removable and Updates Quickly.

BONUS! The Monthly Wall Mounted Family Calendar Planner Vinyl Sticker arrives with 4 Fine Tip Markers.


This is lot smaller than I thought it would be. But it works and does it’s purpose. The markers are cool but they are not as bright as they say and show on the advertised. As you can see I have blue, white and pink. But like I said it works for me for what I use it for.


This is up close to see the color but like I said earlier it does it job for what I use it for.

This is a nice way of doing a calendar and fun if you have kids, This would be fun for them and their chores.

This easy to clean just wipe off and reuse. Quick and easy and to the point. I say this is fun to have. It’s easy to read and see and your schedule in a second.



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