Premium Bento Lunch Box Containers (4 Pack)

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HIGH QUALITY: ★ Set of 4 ★ 3 separated compartments ★ Food safe plastic ★ BPA and lead free ★ Meets FDA standards

Easy open, child friendly lids.

  • Reusable
  • Microwave,
  • dishwasher & freezer safe
  •  Stackable
  •  4 color lids.

DIMENSIONS: 9.5 x 6.2 x 2.2 inches COMPARTMENTS: 3 1/2 cups: 1 1/3 cups, 1 cup.

Use for healthy snack storage and salad to go or make portion control meals for weight loss – Perfect for freezing toddler and baby food. AVE TIME & MONEY: Meal prep is easy for adults and kids.


Eco friendly all in one tupperware with no need for sandwich bags or a single use disposable container, plate or tray – Combine with a backpack or a cooler bag for a school or office lunch box.


I ordered the grey lid ones not the color ones. What I like is that the bottom will sit nicely  in the the lid so you can stack them easier. We like to use these for when we’r on the road for my 2 year old.  They work great, We will be using these for the trip back to nebraska.



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