Silicone Baking Bundle

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Silicone baking bundle- 13″ x 18″ half sheet baking pan, 1/2 sheet silicone baking mat designed to fit perfectly on the baking sheet, and a silicone baking mitt.

The beauty of the silicone baking mat is that you never have to use oils or sprays of any kind.

The baking mitt and trim on the silicone baking mat are a matching teal color and the baking mitt is also designed to cover your entire hand as well as your knuckles so you will not burn yourself.

This mitt will withstand temperatures to 500 degrees F. and can be used for all your cooking and grilling needs.

Our Baking Steel Sheets Are Durable, And Combined With Our Silicone Mitts For Cooking, Can Be Easily Be Removed From The Oven, While Our Baking Mat Assures Your Cookies Will Never Sticks

This Handy Baking Supplies Set Will Provide You With The Cooking Supplies To Bake Away. Order One For Your Homemaker Friend Too. This Bundle Makes A Perfect Wedding Gift, Or For Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas Housewarming, Graduation Or Other Special Occasions. 

I love this and this is the first time I have ever used one and wish I had more mats for all of my cookie sheets. This is  huge must have for anybody who loves to cook, Or a person who burns and ruins their cookie sheets.




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