Native Spring Ceramic Coffee Pour Over Dripper

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Our single cup coffee maker extracts full delectable flavor from your favorite ground coffee exactly to your liking; fits on most cups, mugs, and thermoses
Drip coffee makers make it simple to brew more often giving a fresh rich cup of coffee every time.

The three small holes on the bottom of the drip coffee cone encourages a slower drain maximizing the flavors.

Makes a great gift for Coffee Lovers! Coffee filters included (10) allow you to brew as soon as you unpack your new ceramic coffee dripper, or if you are giving it as a gift; coffee drippers are great for camping, hiking and even travel.

Most of the coffee lovers nowadays are embracing the capacity to make a single serve cup of their most-loved type of coffee. With the help of Native Spring Ceramic Coffee Dripper you can savour the sweet fragrance of your cup of coffee every day. Simply place the dripper over your mug, set the paper filter, add your ground coffee and boiling water (slowly and with a circular motion over the grounds) and in a few minutes you’ll enjoy your delicious and flavorful coffee. Our dripper has three small holes on the bottom of the drip coffee cone encouraging a slower drain which maximizes rich delectable flavors. The single cup coffee maker has noticeable vertical wave ridges keeping the filter from adhering to the walls of the cone, allowing a full flavor extraction every time you brew your coffee. Its durable, ceramic body allows you to create perfect pour-over style coffee brewing every time. You can use your coffee dripper not only in your very own kitchen but it’s also great for camping, hiking or even when you are in a hotel. 10 Melitta #2 coffee filters included. This is an excellent ready-to-use gift for your friends and family who are coffee enthusiasts.


These are the handy dandy filters that come with the cup, you get 10 when you order it. I’m if you go on the website you could order more filters. They are sort of thick and coarse.


This is the inside and the bottom of the cup so as you can see it will drip somewhat slowly, depends on how fast you pour your water.


This is how it sits on a  coffee cup to make tea or coffee.

20161121_135430639 This is how the filter looks like when it is in.

I love this for my loose leaf tea’s I get .  This is nice for a 1 cup if you don’t want to make a whole pot of coffee. If you love tea then this is for you .



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