Skeleton Multi-Tool 24-in-1 with Knife and Pliers

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440C STAINLESS STEEL – is considered to be the most optimal for survival knife, hunting knife and pocket multi tool manufacturing for almost half a century if we take into account the ratio of price and quality. Balanced composition of the steel ensures long-term operation without sharpening, good resistance to rust and high durability, it has high-quality factory sharpening

PERFECT MULTI-TOOL FOR EVERYTHING – Camping, Hunting, Survival, Emergency. Best for Outdoor & DIY Activities. It is also useful as a car multitool and will not take a lot of space. It is modern multifunction tool with unique skeleton design handles which significantly decrease the weight of this utility tool



COMES WITH FREE SHEATH AND 11 ATTACHABLE BITS – this is all-in-one multipurpose tool and you’ll want to take it everywhere with you. The multitool sheath lets you carry it on the belt.



24 INTEGRATED COMPONENTS – spring loaded pliers, wire cutter and wire stripper, folding blade knife, serrated edge knife, can and bottle opener, metal file, ruler, screwdriver with 11 attachable bits with magnetic connector, bit holder, scraper blade, awl.




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