Bath Toy Organizer+2 drawer Locks w/4 Suction cups

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*BEST SOLUTION FOR MESS IN THE BATHROOM Tidy up your bathroom with a smart solution that helps the whole family. Putting children stuff away in this practical bins organizer is easy and keeps your bathtub neat! Mesh bag organizer large size 18″ X 14″ so it has more than enough capacity for your baby’s toys and it is lightweight. Yet you skip hop mesh bath toy organizer keep it clean and neat with this toy storage bins white.

* CLEAN EASY White spacious polyester net enables water to drain immediately and keep dry so there is no mold, odor or moisture. Healthy solution! The bath toy organizer basket is machine washable.

* HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL . Extra strong vacuum pull-down hooks have been tested to hold much more than the weight needed for a full skip hop bath organizer. The adhesive cups are applied onto any smooth non porous surface without textured designs. They are super easy to install and relocate. Heavy Lifter bath toy holder.

* 2 EXTRA BONUSES: 2 SPARE BIG SUCTION CUPS We provide two spare strong hooked suction cups just in case for your convenience. You can use them to hang the child’s sponge, towel, pajamas, etc at hand range. 2 CHILD SAFETY LOCKS Because we know you care about the safety of your little ones, we add another FREE bonus: 2 child security locks for cabinets, drawers, toilet lids or fridge which offer another smart solution in any house with children. The Best baby bath accessories.

* NOT ONLY IN THE BATHROOM The toy organizer may be used as a cozy stroller storage basket, shower caddy storage or attached to the window of your car. It is so easy to install that you can take it to grandma’s or on vacation and enjoy bath time as happy as at home. Baby bath storage with hooks: Toddlers and parents love it! SAFE BUY with AGOL warranty.

30 day 10% discount coupon code:  Promo code  109BLG10






These can be used anywhere.

  • bedroom
  • bathroom
  • kitchen
  • living room

I use them for my frig. and in the bathroom my 2 1/2 year old thinks he needs to rearrange the toilet paper, so these comes in super handy. And NOT adult proof (ha ha).

These will come off with a little help. They WILL NOT DAMAGE anything you stick it to. I really love these.



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