Wine Chiller, Aerator and Pourer

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1. IT’S A WINE CHILLER – The stainless steel chill rod resides in your freezer, always ready for the next use. You simply attach the acrylic wine-pourer/wine-aerator to the top of the chill rod, and insert it into your red wine bottle. It keeps your wine at the optimal temperature for up to an hour. For White Wines, chill the wine in the refrigerator first and use the Wine Wand to maintain the chill while serving.

2. IT’S A WINE POURER – The acrylic wine pourer spout provides a 100% drip-free pouring. The wine pourer is ergonomically designed for consistent and predictable flow-control. You can even pour wine while someone is holding their goblet over a white shag carpet!

3. IT’S A WINE AERATOR – This brilliant design has a wine aerator built right in. When you insert the wand into your wine bottle, the aerator is inside the bottle and is activated when you pour the wine. It’s fun to watch and fun to use.

EASY TO USE WINE DISPENSER – The chiller rod is hand-washable only. After cleaning, freeze the rod for at least 2 hours. After your wine has aerated for about 15 minutes, pour out some wine then insert the chiller stick into the glass bottle. This keeps your wine chilled and at peak flavor.

A MUST HAVE wine accessory for parties, special unique birthday gifts, celebrations and festive seasons; Ideal to bring it along for short traveling, camping and outdoor picnicking; Great gift item for friends, families and your loved ones.

” If you love you wine, Then your wine will love you, if you get this”.




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