Orgalif Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors – Multifunction Stainless Steel



HEAVY DUTY KITCHEN SHEARS Multifunctional kitchen scissors for cutting poultry into pieces, cracking nuts, slicing meat, shredding, peeling and more.

RESISTANT & DURABLE Best quality powerful kitchen scissors with stainless steel blades – Dishwasher safe.

COMFORT GRIP Ergonomic non slip soft grip handle for safety and precise cuts while cooking.

BOTTLE OPENER Easily opens strong sealed bottles for making life in the kitchen easier

And the best part !!!

LIFETIME WARRANTY 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

I love these and they cut through anything and I meen anything.  My mom needs these she is only woman on the planet who has like 25 pairs of scissors in 1 drawer and there all different for different things.(ha ha ).

You get 2 in a package and that is super nice and if you’re like me and lose things all the time then it is nice to have 2.

This is a must have in the kitchen and every cook will love them.

If you want to order a pair I will leave the amazon website for you.



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