IDO3D Vertical Five Pen Set

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IDO3D uses a cool blue LED light and soft, squeezable 3D pens that enable you to easily draw 3D objects! The IDO3D Vertical light attaches to each pen by clicking firmly into place. The light can easily be removed from one pen, and placed on another by simply pulling it off, and popping it onto another. It’s a snap!

With IDO3D Vertical, you can draw vertically, straight into the air. To do so, turn on your light, and simply draw upward by squeezing your pen and moving the tip vertically, away from your drawing surface. You can also make solid sheets of material by drawing on flat or curved surfaces, first with the light off, and curing afterward by shining the light on your art. Draw on non-sticky textured materials or objects like coins or buttons, and then remove for very cool effects. Fun!

Thin lines and shapes can be made thicker by drawing over the top of your finished work. And when filling in a large area, apply a thin layer of ink and allow it to settle. Then cure it with the light, and if necessary, cure on the back side of the included drawing sheet. Easy !

DO3D is easy to clean from your hands and work area with baby wipes, hand sanitizer and every day soaps and cleaners.

You get the color

  • red
  • blue
  • green
  • orange
  • purple 

A large and a small dome, 1 sheet, pen light, guide book.

The domes are for making feet, bowls, round things.

The sheet is to trace and then peel of your artwork stick it to the rest of your work.


This is the light that you use to dry at the same time of using the pen, It drys fast and clumps so it takes tons of practice to get the hang of it.

20161026_082540873This is the side of the pen and it slides in and snaps on.

These are what I came up with to show you how it works and this is sad.

my little palm tree.

And my bowl using all the colors. Like I said in the past i’m not an ARTSY FARTSY KINDA GAL. So I hope this gave you a good idea on how this works and so on.

This is like melted plastic or it comes out like melted plastic and dries pretty hard.

This is not recommended for under the age of I would say 10.  This is fun to play with and will have hours of fun.

This is a must have for the artist in the family.




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