Wallaby Kitchen Timer Blue

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Do you need a good and tough timer ? Then the wallaby  is for you.

LARGE, CLEAR LCD DIGITS: just a glance from across the room and you can easily read the timer display with its big bold digits. Ideal for people with poor eyesight.

CLOCK, COUNTDOWN/UP: 3 in 1 multifunction timer,Can act as a minute timer or stopwatch. Perfect for homework, exercise, gym workouts, cooking, sports, games, and classroom activities.

EASY TO USE: Can be set even without the manual and quick time setting,

3 WAYS FOR PLACEMENT: strong back magnet, retractable stand, and hook for hanging, Stick it on the fridge door by its large magnet, use the pullout stand for tabletops, or run a string through the hook and hang it on a wall hook or around your neck.

QUICK SETTING DESIGN: With optimized 10 min and 10 sec key design, your 1 press will be equal to 10 presses on other timers.

I like this timer and love to use it and it has a magnet on the back. So you can stick it to the frig or stove.


AMAZON:  https://www.amazon.com/Kitchen-Magnetic-Countdown-Multiple-Function/dp/B01DPMZDMY/ref=sr_1_27?ie=UTF8&qid=1474621423&sr=8-27&keywords=kitchen+timer+loud

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