Aero Bon Inflates

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Best Nylon Inflatable Air Outdoor Couch with Carry Bag – Water-Repellent Portable Chair for Summer Camping Beach.

SINGLE INLET FOR BETTER AIR RETENTION – don’t bother to add air for twice as long as the competitors air hammocks can endure and enjoy your cosy couch while others have to inflate theirs every 3 hours. No air pump needed. In fact, thanks to the single inlet you can inflate Aero Bon even indoors, which is impossible with double-inlet air hammocks. You won’t have to wait for proper wind or to run with it ridiculously along your street;

ADORED BY KIDS – attracted by bright colors they will love to cuddle on it with their favorite books and toys; LIGHTWEIGHT – only 1.87 lb, which is lighter by a pound than other mattresses on the market. That means you can take an extra soda can into your backpack;


NYLON SURFACE – waterproof surface lets you use it in pools. PVC LINING makes it durable and tough enough to serve as a trampoline for kids. Children love jumping on couches and you can’t talk them out of it. So it’s definitely better to purchase something that can endure their vigorous activities

STABILIZED with a supplied peg for windy days, thus we make sure you don’t ever have to observe Aero Bon as an enormous 3D kite flown away on a stormy day; TWO CONVENIENT POCKETS to have your tablet and your beverage easily accessible;

SUFFICIENT DURABILITY TO WITHSTAND A WEIGHT OF A LION – 2 people can sit on the air hammock at the same time. Don’t be selfish and invite your someone special to sit next to you and share the precious minutes of sunset on the beach, while the Aero Bon will make sure you feel comfortable. It’s not recommended to have two people lying on it at the same time.

It is sorta hard to air up and keep the air in. But it is a fun little couch to sit in or on depends on how much air you get in it and can keep in it.

It will hold up to anything if it can hold up to a 2 1/2 year old boy then it is good for anything.




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