Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

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LIGHTWEIGHT SPEAKER WITH AN AMAZING 33 FT BLUETOOTH RANGE!: You read that right! Our waterproof speaker streams music through QUICK, POWERFUL wireless connectivity, or by 3.5mm aux-cable (included) pairing with ANY portable Bluetooth 4.0 compatible device, such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, MP3’s & CD Players! That gives you the freedom to move around your campsite, explore nature, fishing or throwing the best outdoor or BBQ party EVER!


BUILT-IN FM DIGITAL RADIO!: We help you keep up with the newest, cutting-edge Bluetooth technology – but without forgetting good old FM radio! This speaker features built-in digital FM radio tuner WITH auto-scan presets, for easy programming – so that listening to your favorite stations is only a few speaker button clicks away! You have to hold the power button for about 3 sec for it to turn on and then it will say blue tooth is ready.


PREMIUM SOUND & 12 HRS OF PLAYTIME!: Featuring dynamic, 3 Watt Audio as well as a Built-In, Noise-Cancelling Microphone, this speaker enables perfect calls communication, wherever you might be, as well as smooth, enhanced bass audio & FM transmission, without skipping! Its internal Micro SD card slot allows for Playback, independent of a Bluetooth Device, too, while a single charge provides up to 12 HOURS of Playtime in Bluetooth mode and a stunning, OVER 30 HOURS in FM mode!

Blue light means blue tooth and the green light means it is on FM.

NO LIMITS TO CALLS OR JAMMING!: What good would the outdoors be without enjoying your favorite tunes or calling your loved ones, to share your thoughts and feelings? Ancord’s Water Resistant speaker is perfect for hiking, climbing, the beach, as well as the pool, shower or bath! This wise investment will become your favorite, portable entertainment system – fast!

WATER RESISTANT & SHOCK PROOF: This rugged Bluetooth speaker is the best accessory to accompany you in all your outdoor adventures, under the most extreme conditions! With a shock-absorbing exterior, and a certified IPX6 rating, our speaker can withstand powerful water jets from ANY direction, ranging from anything to your garden sprinkles system, right up to large water splashes and HEAVY rain!

I use this in the shower and it has a speaker on each side of the.This speaker is very loud and nice. I think this is a must have in the home, garage, by the pool.


AMAZON:  http://amzn.to/2c70PVi

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