Eyelash Enhancing Serum

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EASY RESULTS & SOLUTIONS – If you’re looking for a super eyelash booster, trust Insta ‘Natural’s Eyelash Enhancing Serum. Using a powerful peptide formula, this product will renew your lashes without any eye irritation. Featuring professional SymPeptide XLash made with Pentapeptide-17, this serum promotes healthy eyelashes with 3x the amount of active ingredients of the lash-growth imitators to work to nourish.

CLINICALLY PROVEN WITH PURE, ORGANIC INGREDIENTS – Extensive clinical testing has shown that this serum increases the length and density of lashes by as much as 26% after just two weeks of use and up to 66% in just 28 days. This gives the before and after results you’ve always wanted to see in your youthful eyelashes without the typical harmful ingredients around your eyes.

FROM SPARSE TO LUSH – This eyelash serum is a blend of advanced ingredients that visibly boost the natural length and thickness of eyelashes. It doesn’t just fill the spaces where your eyelashes are normally lacking; it transforms your predictable lashes into unforgettable impressions.

REPLACE KITS & SHAPERS – Now you can start wearing your eye makeup less often because you’ll have healthier- and thicker-looking lashes that reduce the need for mascara and other filling products like pads or dye. Keep your brows and lashes healthy, and let cosmetics do their job by highlighting the beauty that already exists.

ESSENTIAL FOR ULTIMATE BROWS – Besides lengthening and plumping your lashes, this serum will add volume to your eyebrows too. No more worrying about fillers clumping or turning your brows into patches. Get the confidence of an amazing new look all without the need for expensive, time consuming makeup or extension application.

When I first used it, It will feel warm for a few min. And then it will feel jelly like when you blink this. But if it get’s in your eyes it will burn. It don’t itch on the skin.


AMAZON:  https://amzn.com/B012P6AX4E

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