Cube Fit Standing Desk

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EASILY CONVERT TO A STANDING DESK IN SECONDS: In less than 10 seconds you can go from sitting to standing and reap the benefits of standing while you work. In two easy motions, a sliding mechanism (with locking latches) and adjustable support leg turns your work desk into a standing work station ranging from 10 inches to 18 inches high.

HALF THE COST OF OTHER STANDING DESKS: In addition to being easy to set up and use, the CubeFit standing desk is half the price of other standing desks without sacrificing quality or sturdiness. It has been stress tested by a mechanical engineer and ergonomically tested by a certified personal trainer. The CubeFit standing desk was designed to provide every office worker with a premium standing desk at an affordable price.

WORKS WITH LAPTOPS OR DESKTOPS: This desk features a top and lower platform that can accommodate a monitor, keyboard, and a mouse. The top platform is about 25 inches wide and 18 inches deep and allows you to 1) Put a single monitor on the top platform and a keyboard and mouse on the lower platform or 2) Put a laptop on the top platform with an optional keyboard and mouse on the lower platform.

SPECIALIZED DESIGN TO FIT ON TOP OF ANY DESK SIZE: Designed with multiple levels to provide the same working area as competitor standing desks. But unlike competitor standing desks, the CubeFit standing desk was created with the flexibility to fit on the smallest desks without compromising all of your work space. And at only 15 pounds, you can easily move this standing desk around your office or home.

JOIN THE MOVEMENT: CubeFit is about more than just healthy office products – it’s a lifestyle movement equipping office workers to be healthier during their 9 to 5. Your standing desk also comes with a free Chrome extension tool that reminds you when to sit, stand and do other tasks designed to help you stay active and healthy at your desk.

” I received the product heavily discounted ”



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