History and physical notebook

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100 complete H&P templates – Designed for medical students, by medical students. Optimized to have all the fields that you need and nothing else.

2 Page View – Each template includes 2 pages that are oriented side by side for a convenient 2 page view. (See product images for an example)
Quality Materials – Durable plastic cover, perforated pages and premium non-spiral wire bound.

History and Physical Examination

This is perfect for a collage studnet it is nice and small and will fit in a med coat. I wish I had one as and Medication aid. This would of been so handy I like the fact that you have everything from the person’s name to what is wrong, to past history in surgeries, Blood type.  Medical history to labs. UA out put and theripies.

This is a must have for medical student going in the medical feild. To keeps all their notes all in 1 spot and to share with othere  students.


AMAZON:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HU5Y3X2

<a href=”http://www.tomoson.com/?code=BOTTOMf10339c40e4f35d937d8607e61369b75&#8243; rel=”nofollow”><img style=”display: none” src=”http://www.tomoson.com/images/front/pixel.png&#8221; /></a>



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