Mystic Ayurveda Manual Foot and Body Massagers

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THREE PIECE SET – Includes two beaded massage rollers designed to target toes, arches and heels along with a hand-held massager that soothes painful arches and melts away cellulite in calves and thighs.

MULTIPLE WELLNESS AND RELAXATION BENEFITS – Ideal reflexology foot and body massagers improve circulation, soothe tired feet, and can improve heel pain.

PORTABLE MASSAGE THERAPY – Provides professional spa results anytime…anywhere. For in-home use or while on the road. Easy to transport and fits in any travel bag or tote

MANUAL OPERATION – Cost-effective, deep tissue foot and body massagers require no batteries or electrical outlets.


This is a foot massger it is for you’r arch/sole . My husband likes this one he is a construction worker and is on his feet all day and comes home with aching feet.


This for cellulite fat on the back of your legs. You use it in a pulling up motion. I don’t know if this really works or not but it’s worth a try.


This is anther food massager  this is for the pressure points. I love this one and use it all the time. Even though I’m a stay at home mom my feet hurt from running after my  2 1/2 year old.

The company that makes these is call Mystic Ayurveda they are out of Dhaka Bangladesh.  So they are all hand made and sent to over seas to the U.S.A. They are very well made and very well and they are very sturdy.



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