Saganizer laundry hamper with wheels rolling laundry cart Heavy duty Triple Laundry Sorter

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81xXocypFfL._SL1500_ I really like this basket it is very sturdy and it is so much better than the ones you get from walmart. This is higher quality and better made.

  • laundry hamper 3 section with 3 removable white poly-cotton sorting bins with metal handles for easy lifting and are washable 
  • 32.3-inches tall x 30.7-inches wide x 18.1-inches deep With stringent quality control methods, laundry basket on wheels.
  • laundry hamper sorter Rust-resistant chrome-plated steel frame; high-traction, lockable rubber casters

20160817_093122409 On the side you can see that it is build to last and is rust resistant.

20160817_085813504 (1) Has super nice handles with nice grips I love this. I wish all the carts had this on it.

20160817_085825706 (1) Nice hooks that slide nicely and has rubber grips on the hooks are cool.


these wheel are rubber and roll nicely and not plastic like the others. And you can lock it if you need to. So if your going to get a rolling laundry cart this is the one to get. Far as I know you can only get this brand on amazon. The name of the company that makes this is  Saganizer so could google it and see what all they make. I personally back this brand and this cart and would buy this brand from now on.



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