Belmint Portable Shiatsu Neck & Back Massage Pillow with Heat

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20160811_084611954 (1) This is super nice. we love it you can use it on just about any body part you want. For being a pillow it is heavy. but other wise it is really nice.

  • 4 Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes Work Through Tired, Aching Muscles
  • Kneads Out Back-of-Neck Muscles, Which are Naturally Among Body’s Tightest
  • Portable & Lightweight Design; Can be Raised or Lowered to Target Tight Spots
  • Heating Function Applies Gentle Soothing Warmth to Neck & Lower Back Area
  • Adjustable Strap Secures Pillow to Your Favorite Chair at Home or Seat in Car
 20160811_084624935 It has a no/off switch you have to hold it for 3 sec. to get it off. And it has a nice mesh for the rollers and so it don’t get overheated.
 It comes with a wall and car adapter,  how nice is that.
20160811_084837066 As you can see it shows it being red when it is running and has the heat on. This will run for 20 min. And shut off by it self.  Now this does seem to get really hot  so try not to but it against bare skin. If you do your neck and back  this massager  is kinda hard on you if your not use to it.
This is a great product my husband is a construction worker and when he comes home, He loves to use this on any body part that hurts even his feet. This would be a great gift for someone. Or just to have around for if you overdid your work out.

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