Shoulder Bag

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High density Canvas material shoulder bag or a messenger bag for men and women. It has 6 compartments in it. It is very light weight but it is smaller then I thought. But I love it.

20160716_070131252 (1)

You can see how it is made and tough it is. And it’s cute little logo on it. This is a very durable bag. It only comes in 1 color and that is called cheetah.


This is a bag about 8×8 2 big compartments in the middle 2 in front 1 in the back. And a small one that is hidden in the one of the large ones. The strap is adjustable.


This is hidden compartment.


It has really nice leather zipper handles, and the zippers are super nice they don’t stick.

So if you’re looking for a nice little purse or a messenger then this is for you. I like it because I can stick 2-3 diapers and wipes in a part and not carry the whole diaper bag around. Or use it for school pens and paper.

I give it 5 stars it is small and has a lot of compartments, nice  zippers. And a nice strap. Quality made to last for a long time.





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