Revlon Ultimate All‑in‑One Mascara


First of all I want to thank  for sending me this mascara to test for FREE. I’m super happy with it and love it. So here is what I think of it. I love it and love it a lot I would tell all my friends about it.

I’m a tomboy so I don’t wear makeup often but when I do, I get all dolled up. So far I have liked Revlon more and more. What I like the most is they are always coming out with something new all the time.

The new brush is cool that they use for this one.


It has 3 brushes put together at the top and a hole in the middle.  This is new and their theory is to thicken and lengthen your lashes. To make them look thicker and longer.


Please excuse the wrinkles and the freckles. I just hurried and put on the mascara so you could tell the different and I think you can. I usually take my time and do a good job. But for me I like this mascara.


  • If your mascara is clumpy or dry add 10 drops of visine or any eye drops I use ones for contacts sense I wear contacts
  •  If your mascara is runny not thick put it in the frig and It will thicken and go on nicely. I just keep some of them in the frig until I need them

I want to thank for the chance to test this mascara



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