Dual Handle Foldable Storage Cubes

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I have love, love, love these since I got them. And plan to buy more they are grate for about anything. My 2 year old son likes to use 0ne for a home for his dinosaurs. I use one for the in mail and out mail. And all sorts of things.

  •  PERFECT STORAGE SOLUTION – for organizing and decluttering any space.-Storage Baskets provide an attractive, lightweight,Perfect solutions for toys, magazines, art & craft supplies, or other small personal items.
  • DUAL HANDLE DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Made from Non-woven Fabric and Cardboard(PP). This means it’s easy to set up and easy to use right away. The size is 11″(H) x 10.5″(W) x 10.5″(D)
  • SPACE SAVING YOUR CABINET -Fits on the floor, on a closet shelf, bookshelf or desk Drawer fold flat when not in use which helps you to use it more convenient with no worry
  • FLEXIBLE USE- Perfect for collecting the clothes and quilt and fit easily in any storage unit.• Suits for bedroom, Livingroom and collection of cabine
  • LIGHT WEIGHT FOLDING CUBES -Good for folding and soft, big space to collect lots clothes.• Keep in the kid’s room, family room, or any room in the house.




It comes all folded up nice to save space and not take up space.



This what it looks like with out bottom part in it to keep it open


This what you put in the bottom to keep it open and keep it’s shape. It is just  a piece of cardboard.


As you can see it has a nice shape decent size it holds just about any thing.

  • towels
  • clothes
  • toys
  • hair stuff spray, combs
  • dinosaurs
  • ect.

20160615_164021363This is the inside of the box with the cardboard in it. As you can see it blends in with the box and is great. I love it can’t wait to get more

  • #MrBros
  • amazon-http://www.amazon.com/Containers-Decorative-Organizer-Household-Collepsible/dp/B01G67T7NQ?ie=UTF8&keywords=foldable%20storage%20cubes&qid=1465337464&ref_=sr_1_90&sr=8-90




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