Detangling Hair Brush

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I am a crazy lady that loves crazy things and I love this crazy looking brush. If you have very thick coarse hair like I do then you will love this brush. As a rule I hate brushing my hair because it is full of knots and i’m very tender headed. And now I love to brush my hair.

This brush is a lot smaller then I thought it reminds me, of one of those travel size brushes you get at Walmart to put in you’r purse.  But that’s ok.


  • STOP RIPPING OUT HAIR WHILE BRUSHING! The Amazing Hair Brush detangles and smooths all while preventing hair loss!
  • PAINLESS BRISTLES GENTLY MASSAGE YOUR SCALP leading to an increase of circulation which may lead to an increase of hair growth



  • With a MIRROR ON THE BACK you will never experience a bad hair day while out and about again!
  • DESIGNED WITH ALL HAIR TYPED IN MIND! Perfect for both wet and dry!
  • THE SOFT, EXTRA GRIP, FROSTED RUBBER GASKET makes for brushing your hair in the shower a breeze! Never again do you have to struggle to keep a hold on a hair brush! The extra grip makes it perfect for all ages!


It comes in a cute box with the company name on it SH&SH. All in the end I love this brush I’m glad I decided to test it. I will be keeping this brush as my favorite. It is even good for kids just the right size for their little hands.




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