Essentially Yours Diffuser

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As a rule I’m usually pretty happy with all of my things I test but this one No. It would be good for a super small room or for an office. If want a super small diffuser then this is for you. It don’t hold much water it may hold 1/2 cup of water. It comes with a little case to hold you’r oils what is nice.


This where you turn it on and turn the lights on.  The GRB is for the light that changes color or stay on one color for a night light .


This is the top of the diffuser and as you can see there is no mist coming out. It don’t have the power to really push it out. So that is why it is good for small rooms.


I do like this you can plug it into the computer in the office. It has a USB cord or in to the wall it does come with a wall plugin.

This the wall adapter that you can use instead of the computer.



this is the little cup to fill it up with water this is really nice.



This is the little bag that it comes with ( OILS NOT INCLUDED ).

This is good for the office or a small room it’s perfect it holds about 1/2 cup water

It has 7 colors it changes to which that is pretty cool.

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