Angel Baby ORGANIC Toddler Pillow

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My son Mason had a chance to test this pillow and well lets say mom don’t even get to try it for 5 min. He loooooves it. He actually put his other pillows in the donation box for the homeless which we like to teach him to think of the less fortunate. We’r not rich but rich in love and shearing.  This an awesome pillow I did get to test when it came in the mail and I would like to find one in a an adult size pillow .

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I will diffidently look to test more from this company, They are called Angel Baby. It being organic is was caught my attention and made me want to test it. As you can see it names all the things it is good for and what it is made of. Which I will name so you can read it better.

  • Organic Cotton Cover Oeko-Tex Certified Toxin Free
  • Non-Allergenic, Anti-Microbial, and Hypoallergenic
  • 75% Memory Foam and 25% Polyester Fiber fill
  • Full Head and Neck Support 
  • Individually Hand -crafted. Made in the USA

Dimensions: 13″ x 18″ x 5″ 



The front and back of the pillow is a nice soft woven pattern it is so soft and nice to the touch.VENTILATED and will Not Trap Heat the Organic Cotton Fabric is temperature managing material that is designed to dissipate heat.



Very cool the touch and stay’s cool while sleeping. The memory foam is so nice and my son loves the fact that it stays cool because he sweats a lot when he’s sleeping and it keeps him cool. He likes to tell me how soft it is and how much he loves it.


He let me take this picture as long as he could watch tv while I took it. So here is mason my red head cutie, laying on his favorite pillow.

I want to thank Angle Baby for letting me test this product for a really good discount. on amazon.  #AngelBabyOrganicPillow

If you want order it you can go THROUGH ME AND ORDER IT HERE:


I hope you enjoy this just as much as my son Mason dose.

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