Salt N Sea (day cream)

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I had a chance to test this nice natural face cream and I have to say at first I was like what is this. And I gave it a while and it grew on me and I liked it. So if you have super dry to dry skin, and need moister or just want your face or neck to feel good this is for you.



When I first put it on it was greasy and I was ugh NOOOO, but then 15 min later it soaked in and then I loved it. It did not leave my face greasy at all, It leaves my skin nice and soft.



It can be worn under make up or a lone, And you have to put it on once a day in the morning and that is nice not 2 times day like other creams.


A versatile lightweight day cream that moisturizes and nourishes, and helps the skin to retain it’s proper moisture content threw out the day.



  • MINERAL-RICH DEAD SEA SALTS – rejuvenate; maintain skin suppleness; impart a radiant look to fatigued skin
  • ROSE HIP- an antioxidant vegetable oil extracted from a variety of roses; has a lightening effect.
  • VITAMIN E & C- that add flexibility and help slow the skin’s aging process.
  • JOJOBA OIL- keeps skin supple; imparts a health glow to to fatigued skins.

I you want to order this I will give the amazon site. Please take a look at this and really consider using it. I love it  100%.

received this product at discount or free

If you want to ORDER THROUGH ME :


If you have AMAZON PRIME you can get a super discount on it



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