Micrite 3D all use eye cream

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I like this and some of it I don’t but it dose it job and that is the point right ? Now I don’t have very many wrinkles I’m just blessed to be 35 and look 22. But that’s why I have always used anti wrinkle cream since I was 16. But back to this product. This has vitamins and a lot of other things and those are



  • -Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Complex: Proven to lighten dark spots. A potent ingredient on skin brightening, promotes collagen synthesis and reduces dark spots.


  • -Pisum Sativum (Pea) Extract (LS 9808): Inhibits the formation of melanin allowing a significant reduction in skin pigmentation.


  • -Uncaria Tomentosa Extract: AC-11 stimulates new extracellular matrix protein synthesis and skin repair. This leads to firmness, protection, reduction of wrinkles, and revitalization.

# Swissvite #skincare



This has a nice pinkish color that blends in nicely and it is smooth as a baby’s bottom. #eyefirmingcream



It soaks up nicely, has a nice smell, nice texture. #eyecream #eyegel

So here is my some what wrinkly eye beware it’s scary !!!!



Wow now that is scary look at those freckles. I put this on 2x a day. It felt cold when i put it on and stayed cold for a few minutes and then it got tight. I didn’t mind that but it was more annoying  then anything. #eye #wrinkles



You can see how I still had some super fine lines but I like it. I do like this and it does work the only thing I did NOT like was the annoying tightening and that was it. #eyelift #eyefirming  #lift

So if you want to try this yes I would if you have light to moderately crows feet.  You can get this for about $ 42.00 dollars on the the site or amazon. This also helps with dark circles. #darkcircles

This is made by a company named Swissvita which I like this company a lot. #Swissvita

So if you get a chance to try this product please leave me a message on here and tell me what you think of it and how it worked for you.

If you want to order this is where you can order it on amazon if you have prime you can get it at a good discount :


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