Craft Vinyl by Angel

I had and chance to test this craft vinyl I have never used this stuff  before and i’m not really a an artsy fartsy kind of girl but I think I mite start. I had fun working with this stuff but it took me a while to get used to cutting it an drawing on it and so on. But it’s fun so if you love to do crafts and all that you need to get this stuff and they have tons of colors to. I used a X-acto knife to cut it so it didn’t look so fancy.  My aunt Jackie Knopik dose tones of crafts so I called her and she said there is a machine you can get to cut this for really fancy stuff. So far I love it

This vinyl comes in a lot of colors 35 sheets

  • magenta
  • tomato red
  • tangerine
  • sunbeam yellow
  • kelly green
  • blue
  • plum
  • brown
  • gloss black
  • gloss white
  • fiesta pink
  • wild cardinal red
  • teal
  • royal blue
  • lavender 
  • violet beige
  • silver
  • matte white
  • medium grey
  • matte black
  • gold 
  • Olympic blue
  • sapphire blue
  • sunflower
  • lime green 
  • red
  • dark green 
  • burgundy
  • peacock
  • flat black
  • matte yellow
  • poppy red
  • forest green 
  •  azure blue

20160427_195819306 (1)

I put my son’s name on his door for my first project. And yes you may laugh like i said i’m not artsy-fartsy so please feel free to laugh at my design, but the point is that I tried.

First I picked my color yellow ( my favorite) and I used my son’s magnets to trace the letters.



This is the traced product. Don’t that look beautiful ha ha



And I used an X-acto knife to cut mine out but they do make a machine called a die-cutting machine to cut fancy stuff out of this.


And this is how it came out with the X-acto knife  just beautiful.



So I took the the back off and put it on mason’s door and this is how it looked




I have to say I’m not a pro but not to bad for my first time uh ?


there is a die-cut machine this one is from amazon they range from $ 100. to roughly

$ 2,000. I think you mite want to invest in one.


You can use this craft vinyl on anything here is some idea’s

  • windows


  • blocks


  • coffee mugs, wine glasses ect.


  • tile


  • wall


So if you like to be artsy then this is for you my aunt Jackie dose some cool stuff with this stuff and if you want more idea’s let me know and I will get you in contact with her. But please use Angel Craft Vinyl for all your craft vinyl needs.

you can get it at amazon at :



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