Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets For Kids

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I got so excited when this company wanted to have my 2 year old test theses. Why ? Because it reminded me of when I was little and played with these. My son spent 2 hours in the kitchen playing with the magnets and not in the frig ha ha. So we spelled all sorts of things and so on. So I have give this 2 thumbs up.


The box reminded me of the 80’s  with the picture  but of coarse i’m 35 so I was born in the 80’s. But I didn’t care I want to open and play with my son and loved it


You get 62 pieces A-Z Capitals and a-z small letters and 0-9 in numbers which is nice


The front is nice and smooth


It has only 1 small magnet and when I was little the whole back was a magnet. They stick but if you use them to hold a picture or something they just slide down.

not the best here are pictures of my son mason playing with them




So I say yes get these for you’r kids they will love them and learn all their letters and numbers and spell words. My son Mason just loves these and it keeps him busy for hours. I got them for 2 dollars because I have amazon prime . If you want to order them you can find them on amazon



  • Remember if you have amazon prime you get them much cheaper and faster

If you have any questions please ask me or send me a message.


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