Green Tea Extract + Vitamin C

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I had a chance to test this product threw a cool company. I am always looking for natural or organic products to test. I have stopped most of my medication and have went to natural or organic (under doctor supervision of coarse ) and I have felt better now then I have in years. So on the this product I have come to like it a lot and it works better then I thought it would. For years you have always heard how good green tea is for you as a antioxidant, good for colds, and weight loss. I have never heard of this company until they asked me to test this product and the company name is Zenwise Labs. I do believe I will be ordering from them again soon. I love this green tea extract they sent me, and if your in to wanting to loss some weight naturally  then this is for you. I’m going to give my likes and dislikes for this product.


  • only 1 capsule once a day
  • will not upset stomach if taken on an empty stomach
  • It did gave me energy and no crash but nice and steady
  • It worked as an appetite suppressant for me



  • N/A
  • don’t have any

If I were you I would give this product a try and see how it works for you. And I would love if you would leave me a message on here to let me know what you think of it. Just remember it is all natural !!!0329161538a

Order info:


I want to thank Zenwise Labs for letting me test this product so far I love it. Feel free you fallow me and like all my products I get to test. If you have question please don’t hesitate to ask.

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