Twilune (Dream Leaf)

I love this product and will keep it on my stock up list. This company does not sell their products in stores so I will give the website at the end. I have had sleeping problems for a long time and was addicted to Ambien and had an awful accident. One night I my subscribed dose and when the medicine took hold I thought I had to go sum where and I wreck my car. I woke up in bed with a bloody face no car no phone and had no idea what happened. So I quit taking and started to look for something more natural and homeopathic. I found this natural supplement  called TWILUNE from the company Dream leaf. what I love about it this supplement is its not like some you take and boom it hits with no warning. TWILUNE  it eases you in to sleep it slowly takes it’s time and relaxes you until you fall asleep. And here is the Pro and Cons of this


  • It’s all natural
  • It helps you sleep good
  • Relaxing and eases you in to sleep
  •  Not addicting


  • Not sold in stores
  • A little expensive ( but worth it )



So stop over at  and look around and try it

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