Inflatable Pillows for Camping

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  • Comfortable and Convenient 
    It is only requires 3-5 breaths to inflate and deflation is in seconds.
    The air pillow conforms perfectly to the curve of head and neck, ensure you a comfortable sleep.
  • Air Adjustment
    The black button in the valve is a switch, you can click it to hold air or release air. It allow you easily adjust the air to your comfort level by letting some out and easily add some back.
  • Tiny Storage Case
    This pillow is easy to pack and storage with it’s little case. The deflate size is so small that you could take it wherever you go.



This has a little button inside to stop the air from coming out while airing it up. You press it into let the air in and out, pop the button up and the air will NOT come out. It is super easy to work. And last you snap it shut to keep it tight and the air in.

This is about the size of a small pillow, it don’t take much to blow up. It will stay for days mine stayed for a week then I let it out. You can use this for camping or in the car for the passenger to sleep or kids in the back seat. Let the kids take this on a sleepover to a friends house.






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Uniqkka Promise Shampoo Cleanser & Conditioner Combo Set

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never need another shampoo. Due to our Uniqkka synergistic formulation and the introduction of Symforce Microalgae. One formula can do it all; cleanse, moisturize, repair, protect, volumize, prevent frizz, add sheen, prevent hair loss and Inspire Your Hair to look healthier and shinier with every use. With Promise Cleanser you’ll never need another shampoo.
Inspire Your Hair!

  • Aqueous Blend of botanical extracts (Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Grapefruit, Almond, Cucumber, Grapefruit)
  • Aloe Vera Gel – The ultimate healing plant most effective on skin and hair.
  • Jojoba Seed Oil – The most effective instant moisturizer to the hair. Rich in Vitamin E and B complex to protect the hair and skin from harsh environmental damage.
  • Avocado Seed Oil – Quenches dry thirsty hair and adds strength.
  • Castor Seed Oil – Instant conditioning effects for the hair and scalp.
  • Creatine – Most effective natural ingredient to add strength to the hairs internal structure especially on colored, foiled and bleached hair.
  • Quinoa Protein – Gluten free, protein rich in amino acids to repair the cuticle layer and impart shine and moisture to the hair.
  • Biotin – Good for not only hair loss but also almost anything to do with good hair. From growing long hair to helping you regrow lost hair, it is widely known that you can use biotin to thicken your hair, make it grow long and look shinier.

This shampoo will not get all sudsy on you it has a low sudsy, but super clean. It is for all hair type and it works great with thick and coarse hair like mine. After shampoo it was soft a manageable hair. It is all so all natural.




A lightweight, detangling moisturizer with a higher concentration of botanical extracts of grapefruit, tangerine and Aloe Vera. Promise conditioner reduces static, prevents dryness and gets weary strands back in shape. Symforce Microalgae builds strength while organic Argan oil helps balance moisture and improves the hair’s texture. Inspire Your Hair!

• Aqueous Blend of botanical extracts (Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Grapefruit, Almond, Cucumber, Grapefruit, Avocado)
• Aloe Vera Gel – The ultimate healing plant most effective on skin and hair.
• Jojoba Seed Oil – The most effective instant moisturizer to the hair. Rich in Vitamin E and B complex to protect the hair and skin from harsh environmental damage.
• Quinoa Protein – Gluten free, protein rich in amino acids to repair the cuticle layer and impart shine and moisture to the hair.
• Lavender – Soothes the hair and skin for healthy results.
• Fennel Seed – Extends all hair color vibrancy by killing excess peroxide and ammonia residue left over after color services.
• Sunflower Seed – Reduces the fading of all hair colors and helps to repair UV damage.
• Panthenol – Vitamin B-5 that is derived from natural sources imparts moisture to the hair.
• Tocopherol – Sunflower based organic Vitamin E rich in natural antioxidants for protection of the hair and skin.
• Argan Oil- the ideal hair conditioner, and it can even help to treat split ends and tame frizzy hair

This conditioner is a perfect it detangles your hair and trust me I have thick, coarse, wavy hair. It works so good I don’t have to fight knots in my hair, or use detangle solution. It also straightens your hair to keep it strong. And looking nice.





                                                WHERE TO GET IT  ?  HERE



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Gold Plated Cute Irregular Gemstone Drop Earrings

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  • Real Raw Amethyst – Made of selected high quality raw amethyst stone. The image may show slight differences to the actual stone in color and texture.But each one is beautiful
  • Guardian Stone -People believe that amethyst stone can protect love and happy marriage

These earrings will go with any out fit, They are super light and feel good. The color is a dark purple with a gold tip They are top quality made, and made to last. The stones are slight different in sizes because the amethyst stone is natural. Theses will cost about         ($11.99) Thru amazon and they also come in CITRINE ( YELLOW ).





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Premium Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides

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What I like about this is that I can put it in my coffee, milk, water ect. and it has no taste at all, so you wont even know you in your drink.  With in 2 weeks I could tell a huge difference in my skin, nails, hair.  Collagen is one of the most important nutrients needed to maintain strong bones, healthy joints, and counteract the degenerative effects of aging. Collagen production typically slows at a rate of 1.5% per year after the age of 25. As collagen production slows, the fibers in the body become brittle and begin to break down resulting in many of the degenerative effects of aging. ( 1 scoop per day )


Anti-Aging: Depletion in collagen levels is the primary cause of the various signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines and loose, sagging skin. The bottom layer of your skin, known as the dermis, is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity. Collagen is a major component in your skin and is found primarily in the dermis. By increasing collagen levels, your dermis can keep your skin firm and supple and numerous studies have shown that regular consumption of collagen supplements even saw a decrease in the wrinkles that have already appeared.

Skin: Besides elasticity, collagen is also responsible for keeping a moisturized, even skin tone. Decreased levels of the amino acids found in collagen can lead to small veins and arteries appearing under the skin and dryer, dull looking skin. Maintaining the levels of these amino acids moisturize and diminish the appearance of imperfections, leading to softer, smoother, more supple and youthful looking skin.

Hair: Collagen also plays a significant role in hair strength, preventing hair loss and maintaining natural color. Taking collagen supplements can fight the production of free radicals, which damage the hair follicles leading to hair loss. Sufficient collagen levels strengthen the hair follicles, to improve hair growth and volume.

Teeth and Nails: Collagen is the building block of your teeth and nails. Splitting and peeling nails is a sign that your collagen levels need a boost. Collagen supplements allow for healthy, strong nails and an increase in nail growth. Similarly, collagen forms the structure of the teeth and connective tissue around it. Boosting your collagen levels will allow you to build a beautiful smile from the inside.

Metabolism: Studies have shown that taking collagen supplements boosts your metabolism. Glycerine, found in collagen, helps bring sugar into your body’s tissue, increasing energy levels and helps in muscle development. This increase in metabolism is

Scarring: Collagen is essential for healthy tissue formation. Scars caused by acne or other problems can ruin your chances at a flawless complexion. Taking collagen supplements helps the skin naturally repair itself by promoting healthy tissue formation, which speeds up the healing process.

Joints: Decreased levels of collagen can also have an adverse effect on our joints. As we age and produce less collagen, our tendons and ligaments get stiffer; our joints become swollen and we move with less ease. Taking collagen supplements can prevent joint deterioration, reduce joint pain and allow our joints to move easier. In fact, collagen supplements have also been shown to be effective in treating osteoporosis and other joint problems.


  •  PREMIUM QUALITY: Zammex Collagen is enzymatically processed to insure intact peptides property. Sourced from Pasture raised, grass-fed, Non-GMO, Kosher certified,  100% natural hydrolyzed collagen. Served with highly available protein and 18 amino acids to enhance body condition. Made in USA.
  • ✔ FOR HEALTHY AND YOUTHFUL HAIR, SKIN, AND NAIL: Keeps skin elasticity, improves skin moisture level, Fights against the sign of lines and wrinkles, as well as vitalizes hair, skin, nail health. Take 1 scoop of Zammex collagen peptides to promote youthful-looking skin, non-drowsy, healthier hair, and strong nails.
  • ✔ FOR BONES AND JOINTS: Builds bone density, repairs tissues, supports healthier cartilage, keep joints mobility and flexibility, and reliefs joint pains.
  • ✔ HOW TO USE: Zammex hydrolyzed collagen peptide can quickly dissolve in hot and cold liquid, it’s tasteless and odorless. Simple add one scoop of collagen peptide into milk, smoothie, juice, or regular water. Safe for daily use. Once daily.
  • ✔ REGENERATE FROM INSIDE OUT: Improves immune and digestive health. Helps liver detox, boosts metabolism, and energy output. Support weight loss, reduces cellulites, and prevents stretch marks.


                                                           WHERE TO GET IT ?  HERE



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Gold Infused Rejuvenating Eye Cream

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This eye cream comes in a nice velvet box with gold writing on it. And the bottle sits so nicely in the box. I comes in a neat little bottle. This has a nice smell and makes my skin so so soft. I gets rid of dark circles and fine lines around the eye. It will live you with a nice shiny gold tint to your skin around your eyes .



Maintain youthful-looking eyes with this 24-karat gold-infused eye cream by Le Royal. With a peptide complex to improve skin firmness and botanical extracts for protection from free radicals, this eye cream minimizes signs of aging.

  • Infused with 24k gold
  • Peptide complex improves skin firmness
  • Botanical extracts protect from free radicals

• Jojoba Oil – Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, soothing the irritated skin
• Chamomile Extract – Hypoallergenic and helps to reduce skin irritants by neutralizing free radicals)
• Evening Primrose Oil – Battles acne, wrinkles, and eczema
• Algae Extract – Conditions, hydrates, softens and detoxifies the skin
• Shea Butter – Known to treat blemishes, wrinkles, itching, sunburns, small skin wounds, eczema, skin allergies, insect bites, frost bite, and other skin conditions
• Hyaluronic Acid – Keeps collagen synthesis up, as well as retaining skin moisture, contributing to the anti-aging benefits
And so many other!

Get rid of Wrinkles, Aging Signs, Fine Lines, Dark Circles, Puffiness & Bags

  • 24K Gold the most effective & luxurious Anti-Aging power helps re-energize, helps lift & firm the skin, restores elasticity, makes skin stronger & healthier. With the power of precious metals & minerals, Le Royal 24K Skincare is gold-infused with premium ingredients for optimal anti-aging effects on the skin. Rich eye cream contains age defying formula to reduce appearance of dark circles, lines & wrinkles around the eyes. Hydrates, refreshes & smoothes the delicate eye area.
  • Start your treatment today & discover the secret to healthy, firm skin! Le Royal luxury 24K Gold infused skin care is the latest innovation in the industry. Anti-aging eye moisturizer infused with 24K gold dust; Rejuvenating Eye Cream combat Dark Circles & helps smooth fine lines for brighter, younger, healthy looking eyes.
  • Gold promotes Collagen Production & slows down collagen depletion; Gold has Anti-Inflammatory properties Peptide complex helps boost Elasticity & Firmness; Contains Vitamins & Minerals; Hydrates, Rejuvenates.






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Buddha Natural Stone Couple Bead Bracelets Charm

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IMG_20170803_155827436 (1).jpg

This cool little bracelet comes in 2 colors.

  1. Black
  2. Blue

Shinus Strand Bracelet Men Buddha Natural Stone Couple Bead Bracelets Charm Buddhist Volcanic Rock Vintage Women Jewelry. I love this bracelet and get complimented on it all the time. These are for men or women. They are super stretchy so if you have a big wrist this will still fit.





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Silver and Gold Color Round Shape CZ Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace

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  • Item Type: Necklaces
  • Fine or Fashion: Fashion
  • Chain Type: Link Chain
  • Style: Classic
  • Necklace Type: Pendant Necklaces
  • Pendant Size: 1.4 * 0.7 cm
  • Shape\pattern: Round
  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Gender: Women
  • Model Number: Necklace
  • Material: Cubic Zirconia
  • Material: Alloy Crystal Zircon
  • poiy Style: Classic,Trendy,Romantic,Casual ,Fashion
  • Season: Spring Autumn Summer Winter
  • Quality: Good Quality


This will go with any outfit. Use it for dress up or dress down.  It is top quality made and made to last a long time. And will not tarnish or turn your neck green.  The CZ diamond is a nice size the gold chain is a nice length. This necklace would be good for a wedding or graduation.

price is  $50.00



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